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krainian Council of Inventors and Innovators (UCII) is an official Ukrainian civil body legalised by the Ministry of Ukraine in November 2009 (Reference: Decree 2211/5 of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine).

UCII Mission is to support the development of innovation activities and youth initiatives in innovation.

UCII is a body which consolidates Ukrainian innovators and inventors, but also has foreign members. Its activities range from representing Ukrainian inventions at international innovation and invention shows to cooperation with groups of inventors from other countries.

UCII is the key organiser of the New Age youth innovation contest, an annual event of the International show of inventions and new technologies. Two of the UCII founders are the general managers and organisers of the Show.

UCII is the current member of the International Federation of Inventors Associations based in Budapest , Hungary and of World Association of Female inventors and enterpreneurs (Gangman-gu, Seoul , South Korea) amongst others.

Through its close link with the Unified Centre for implementation of technologies, UCII is a partner of the EEN-Ukraine Consortium, established in 2011 on the basis of (Enterprise Europe Network  EEN) and in support of the 4 ongoing EU projects.

One of the projects, "Support to the science intensive and innovation enterprises, and technology transfer to businesses in Ukraine" (Innoenterprise) had benefited from the services of the UCII President and the Board Chairman Mr Alexandr Zubariev and the Adviser to the UCII Board Mr Petro Smartenko.

In his expert capacity, Mr Zubariev had acted as the assistant to the key project expert, Mr Yiannis Zervas, who was responsible for selection of participants of the EEN-Ukraine Consortium.

Presently the Centre for Implementation of Technologies is being created at the Ukrainian Technological Academy (UTA), where UCII President has been the Associate Member since 2008.

Ukrainian Technological Academy had been established over 20 years ago. UTA is one of few organisation recognised by UNESCO and is officially listed in the Academies Science published in World conference on science. Science for the twenty-first century. A new commitment, UNESCO, 2000, page 528.

The Liaison officer responsible for the interrelationship between UCII and UTA is Mr Petro S. Smertenko. Mr Smertenko is an expert in the field of technology and is a laureate of the Ukraine State Prize for science and technology, who between 1999 and 2011 was the National Co-ordinator of the European EUREKA Programme in Ukraine . From 1993 onward Ukraine was an associate member of EUREKA , whereas from 2006 has been granted full membership as ratified by the Ukrainian Supreme Council (Rada) in October 2008.



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